A Box of Miracles

A Box of Miracles….

 He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted. Job 5:9 (NIV)

 You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples. Psalm 77:14 (NIV)

The greatest evidence of miracles lies in the discipleship of Christ’s followers. That would be us! Christ, when departing into heaven, promised that His disciples would “cast out demons in His name, and they will speak new languages.

A few months back a sweet lady at our Women’s Ministry meeting ask me if I would share my testimony with the group. I actually laughed at her. I thought lady I don’t have a testimony. I think she knew I was not taking her seriously so she approached me again, this time adding to her previous statement. She said Leigh Ann you have a story to tell. Tell it. Many people in the church have no idea the miracles in your life. Even the people you are close to don’t really know the story. This time I didn’t laugh. I ended up with tears in my eyes. I began thinking about her statement and realized that I wasn’t even sure of the miracles in my life. It’s just simply my life to me.  

I went home one night and pulled out our big box of pictures. I thought going through and seeing old photos might help me figure out what I was suppose to be sharing. Secretly I wanted to find a picture of Mama Ree (my grandmother) I needed to see her face and feel her around me that very moment. I found so much more in that little box. I ran across Get Well cards that had been saved over the years. Cards people had sent to me the moment I was born up until now. I had no idea I had them. I began looking through the pile. I began picking cards out and setting them aside of people I still knew. I gathered the cards and began to make a circle with them. I had Get Well cards surrounding me from 1982 – 2010. I began going around the circle laying my hands on each card and praying. Praying for that person and the impact on my life they had sending me a simple card. Praying for guidance, comfort, understanding. Praying for mended friendships and broken hearts. You name it, I was praying for it. As I went around the circle I was overcome with emotion. Suddenly I had a flood of memories. I had hope. I felt love. God knew that when those people where obedient to Him years ago by sending cards and prayers my way, that it would come full circle 28 years later. To me, that is simple amazing! So when you feel a nudge in your back to do something for Him, do it! Do not wait. You never know the impact it will have.

Sometimes I think we get so caught up in the day to day life that we forget to sit back and take in the miracles from above. I had forgotten my life was so full of them. I have had small miracles and large miracles. No matter the size they all came from above. Miracles are God’s reminders to us that He is still in control. We all have them. Take time today to remember them and give him praise. 

 I will remember the deeds of the LORD; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago. Psalm 77:11 (NIV)

~ Leigh Ann

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