Adding Frank to my nightly routine

About 8 months ago I made the decision to no longer use the deodorant I had been using for YEARS! Like years.

Side note… Deciding to add essential oils to our wellness protocol has definitely led my family to becoming more responsible for our health.

Well, back to the deodorant.  I was seriously horrified to find out what all toxins were in my once favorite deodorant. Knowing that I had been applying chemicals everyday AND so very near to my girly parts, had me searching for something to possibly reverse any harm that had possibly been done! Desperate to detox and help promote better health, I came up with the idea of diluting one of my Frankincense bottles (that was nearly empty) with my favorite carrier oil and top it off with a rollerball.  I choose jojoba oil due to it’s moderatley low comedogenic rating.  This is the rating given to skin care products that can possibly cause acne probelms, like clogging pores.  The lower the rating, the better and jojoba oil has a low rating of two!

Adding the rollerball made it super simple to grab and apply where needed!  At bedtime I just rub over my breast area, under my arms and below my stomach.  This small step to better health is something I rarely skip at night!

1/4 bottle of Frankincense or Sacred Frankincense

carrier oil (I used jojoba) filled to the top

rollerball for easy application

Well, there you go! Ditch the toxic deodorant, replace with natural and chemical free and add this Frank rollerball to your nightly routine!


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