Eleanor R.

Get a notebook and get ready: We are about to DIVE into the WORD! TOGETHER.

Truth be known, reading and studying the Bible can be really tough at times and sometimes even boring. (Did I say that out loud ~ yep. I did.)  Five minutes in and your eyes are glazing over…  I know. I get it! And, I understand.  However, I am encouraging you to hang with me… don’t set the big book aside just yet and if you already have, go grab it… I’ll wait on you right here.

I think a lot of times we look at the Bible as this great self-help book and not the history book that it is…Not only does it contain our rich history of the past and where we came from as humans and followers of Christ, but it is HIS Story and learning HIS Story lets us understand our own.

I just finished a 21 Day Sugar Detox.  I know… but trust me, it was a good thing.  However, at first, it wasn’t so grand. Eliminating all the good stuff, nothing tasting very good and you are just hoping it is really healthy and healing.  We view the Bible this way, don’t we?  Reading all this blah, blah, blah and just hoping it is good for us and what we need.

If we can dig in, dare to go deeper, we will learn that although we play a role, we are not the main character in this story. Scripture is given so that God may be revealed to each of us.  My goal is not for us to memorize scripture or “hide His word in our hearts” BUT to KNOW God and have a relationship with Him.

Each month starting February 1st, we will have a Bible reading and writing plan that will give us an opportunity to connect with God and His word.  I encourage and invite you to join us!

We are going to be following 3 steps that will help us dive into scripture taking us a little deeper than just skimming our eyes over the Word.

To join us make sure you have subscribed to our daily email that will share our monthly plan as well as devotions to accompany our Scripture Plan.  To continue the conversation,  join us over at One Table Facebook group.  If you haven’t joined us yet at the table, we would love for you to pull up a chair!


Eleanor R.

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