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Esther | week one


This first week we will be reading the first three chapters in Esther.  We encourage you to take the time to not only READ IT but also write the anchoring verse we have provided located on your READING PLAN and your GOING DEEPER study guide under WRITE IT!

I don’t know about you, but I need all the help I can get to remember!  We have provided some great One Table journal pages for you that you can find below or you can grab a specific notebook to keep your study notes in for Esther.  Which ever you choose, be intentional with writing this verse down to help anchor the story.  After you have read it and written it down we really want you to go and SHARE IT!  Yep, share it!

We have put together this little method that we feel will be helpful in your daily reading!  READ IT, WRITE IT,  and SHARE IT!  So, grab your Bible, a notebook,  print out the plan and let’s get started!

Okay… hold up… we aren’t done just yet!  In addition to our READING PLAN you will find below our GOING DEEPER study guide.  This was created to help you “dig a little deeper” and hopefully encourage a little more time spent in your Bible.  You guys, I love this study guide!

Each chapter or week, you will have this additional resource to help you learn and grow in your faith.  Again, as with the READING PLAN, we will be encouraging you to READ IT, WRITE IT (can’t get enough of this one!) and now GO DEEPER!  So, be sure to click on each pdf provided and PRINT these babies off!

Oh, and if you noticed, in our READING PLAN we have provided a place we like to call THE BIG PICTURE.  This is for you to recap and really anchor this verse in relation to the WHOLE story!  As we read through our Bibles together we have to know that these stories and verses were not meant to stand alone but point us to this amazing picture of God and His love for His people!

Can I tell you guys something about our Esther GOING DEEPER study guide?  Not only is it our very first one created but it was written by one of my dearest friends!  I gre up knowing she and my mother were childhood friends and eventually I was old enough to be grafted into their friendship circle.  Her presence in my life has always been one of randiance and life!  Her wisdom for God’s Word runs deep into her parents legacy of love for God’s truth.  I knew our One Table Team needed her heart and words!  She has been an encouragment to me and my walk with the Lord and I know her words will also stir something wonderful within for you!

I am praying that the questions will help you dig a little deeper and spend more time with God, allowing you to know Him even more intimately.

Print off the GOING DEEPER study guide below and let’s get started!



Eleanor R.

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