Eleanor R.

Esther | week two


Okay, hopefully you are getting the swing of things and settling into a bit of a routine with your scripture READING PLAN. This second week of our study, we will be reading Esther chapters 4 and 5.  Again, I want to encourage you to keep your print out handy and be intentional with reading, writing and sharing!  They (you know the professionals on the intra-webs…) say when we read something and share the information we are more likely to retain what we learned.  I really think this is pretty true!  Any time I read something and turn around and share it with my kids or a friend or Andy….  the story begins to stick!  So be sure to share!

Now, are you ready to dig a little deeper?  Print out tis week’s GOING DEEPER and let’s dive in!



Eleanor R.

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