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Leviticus | Bible Study + Reading Plan

When we first decided to study Leviticus, it was really the Feast that we were going after… but, we knew we couldn’t study the Feast of Israel without studying Leviticus!  At first thought, this book seemed like one of rules, rituals, and a whole lot of blood!  You know, one we wanted to skip over…  BUT! Let’s just stop, take a breath, and not get all wigged out with all the gore and details…  Let’s look closer and see that this sacrificial system being given to God’s people by God, will be what sets them apart from all others.  I encourage you to be open-minded and get excited about jumping into this book!  Leviticus is where we see God explain how sin-filled people can be reconciled and belong to Him.  This is a book in the Bible you do not want to miss!

As you read and study Leviticus over the next 21 days, embrace the mindset of the people who had recently been found disobedient and are now being given a way to live with Him in His Presence.  It is really such a great book filled with rich truth!  Look for Him… I know you will find Him!

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Eleanor R.

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