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…it is taken from the longest chapter in the entire Bible. Psalm 119 is an acrostic (or alphabetical) poem, meaning it is divided into 22 stanzas (sections), one for each Hebrew letter.  whether or not this poem was originally written as an acrostic poem, it was most certainly written with great intentions for the reader […]

little girl holding wooden quizzing box while being prayed over

My Josie Cole learning God’s Word

First Bible quizzing match of the year. and I am treasuring this photo. I don’t know what I love most about it… my girl’s excitement, tender words to the Father or outstretched hands in accord. Thank you, Lord, for people who love my daughter and believe in sowing Truth into her tender young heart. This […]

daughters dancing on rocks at beach in front of Jenny Lake

reminder to mommas raising little women

I want them to be different. Set apart. So unlike the culture that crowds every corner of their life. Motherhood, biblical motherhood isn’t for the faint of heart. In my almost sixteen years of mothering, I continue to learn that faithful mothering requires faithful sowing. Some days feel like I’m dancing through a beautiful spring […]


Recognizing Christ & Believing for Beautiful

In a fun getaway, my family and I came across this amazing wall of letters.  I took this picture and have often looked back to make sense of what I had captured. Sitting here in a conversation with Jesus…  desperate for direction, I found myself pulling out this photo once again. Still just letters, still […]

May 27, 2018

TOGETHER From day one this has been our standard. Even during the really, really tough seasons, weirdly, this togetherness has never changed. Our faith, our traditions, our childhood, our parents, our struggles, our anchors, our disappointments, our celebrations, our desires… they all played a role and made this priority. Our together has come easy and […]

Monthly Bible Study + Reading Plan on Aspects of Love

Aspects of Love

Would you agree that the word LOVE is probably the most watered down word in the English language? Yeah, me too!  I know personally as a girl who loves to show her affection to others, I have definitely worn this word out! So, what does it really mean… LOVE?  You could sum up Webster’s definition by simply defining […]