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TRANSFORM YOUR MARRIAGE: a month of scripture memory to ignite your soul

As we all know, life can be an unpredictable journey filled with unexpected challenges that test our patience, strength, and faith, especially in our most important relationships. For Andy and I, there was a season in our marriage that led us to scripture for some kind of guidance. Ephesians 6:10-20 became a beacon of light […]


FLOW Scripture Memory Challenge

The FLOW is a fun Word Warrior CHALLENGE created to encourage you in the spiritual discipline of being in God’s WORD daily and hiding His Word in your heart. For me memorization has ALWAYS been a struggle. Throughout school my method of learning something difficult and challenging was simply… “Remember. It’s the one you can’t […]


…it is taken from the longest chapter in the entire Bible. Psalm 119 is an acrostic (or alphabetical) poem, meaning it is divided into 22 stanzas (sections), one for each Hebrew letter.  whether or not this poem was originally written as an acrostic poem, it was most certainly written with great intentions for the reader […]

little girl holding wooden quizzing box while being prayed over

Raising Word Warriors

My Josie Cole learning God’s Word. Bible quizzing is an amazing way to help kids of all ages learn the Bible. It can be such a fun and interactive way for them to learn the stories and teachings of the Bible. i have seen how Bible quizzing has not only let Josie test her knowledge, […]

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reminder to mommas raising little women

I want them to be different. Set apart. So unlike the culture that crowds every corner of their life. Motherhood, biblical motherhood isn’t for the faint of heart. In my almost sixteen years of mothering, I continue to learn that faithful mothering requires faithful sowing. Some days feel like I’m dancing through a beautiful spring […]


Recognizing Christ & Believing for Beautiful

In a fun getaway, my family and I came across this amazing wall of letters.  I took this picture and have often looked back to make sense of what I had captured. Sitting here in a conversation with Jesus…  desperate for direction, I found myself pulling out this photo once again. Still just letters, still […]