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little girl holding wooden quizzing box while being prayed over

My Josie Cole learning God’s Word

First Bible quizzing match of the year. and I am treasuring this photo. I don’t know what I love most about it… my girl’s excitement, tender words to the Father or outstretched hands in accord. Thank you, Lord, for people who love my daughter and believe in sowing Truth into her tender young heart. This […]

woman stepping off curb wearing Albionfit jumper in black in Bozeman montana

The only outfit you will need for travel. Seriously.

Well, maybe. I want you to know that I risked ALL the weird looks from my entire family just to get this pic to share with you guys. Actually. I caved at the last minute but thank goodness for that Emmer of mine and her quick snapping finger. I get pretty serious about finding the […]

Best Pepper Jelly EVER

Okay y’all, just the other night Andy discovered Hot Pepper Jelly dumped over a block of cream cheese and I think I saw his life change…  I had no idea he had never tested this southern staple at parties before.  I mean ~ a block of cream cheese and a jar of jelly!  It is the […]