Woohoooo! You said, YES, and I am SO excited!  I hope you are ready to dig in to God’s WORD together!  I seriously am beside myself and know that our intentional time here will be absolutely AWESOME.

We have created some great resources to help you get started and be intentional as well as stay focused with God’s Word. Whether you are grabbing the monthly plan or feeling frisky and signing up for the whole shebang…   we are just thrilled that you are here!  Seriously.

You will find that our READING PLAN is a great guide to get you started as well as keep you in your Bible daily.  We have come up with a great little method of just three things we believe are super helpful to helping you be in God’s word and hide it in your heart.  More on that HERE.

Our GOING DEEPER study guide is just a really awesome resource for those folks itching for a little more but not sure where to begin.  It is also perfect for you all wanting to dig a little deeper. Perfect for discussing with and learning with friends!  This will be a weekly guide that compliments our monthly READING PLAN.

ANCHORING TRUTH is where all this really began for me…  A desire to really know His word and hide it in my heart in such a way that I may KNOW Him and be a light for His TRUTH.  Our memorization guide provide great tips for daily learning and memorizing God’s scriptures.

Three awesome ways to be intentional with God’s Word every day…


Again, thank you for saying YES!  I am over here doing backflips for Jesus!