WWC | Day One

Let’s dive into Day One of our Word Warrior Challenge with the nativity narratives found in the first chapters of Matthew and Luke.  Friends, we are embarking on a very holy and sacred time in history, marking a moment that will forever change eternity. Buckle up.

The New Testament begins with four books known as The Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Within these scriptures, we will find four different accounts of the life of Christ.  As we will only tackle Matthew, Luke and a bit of John, I encourage you to take a step further and dive into each of these books over our next twenty-one days together.

Each day you will find two sets of scriptures… one for our reading and one for memorizing and hiding in your heart.  I challenge you to embrace both!



Dear Heavenly Father,

I come to you on behalf of myself and my friends asking Lord that you help us to give these next 21 days to You and Your word.  God, I ask that Your Presence is so ever real to each of us that embraces this challenge to dig deep into the Bible desiring to know You more.  I pray that we are able to be intentional with our time, making the sacrifices necessary to be with You.  Through this time of reading, help us to know You more, be with You more, walk with You more and enjoy You more.  Your word promises that if we seek You with our WHOLE heart, we will indeed find YOU!  That is our prayer, Lord. May our eyes be open, that we may behold wondrous things out of your law.  In Jesus sweet Name we ask these things. Amen.


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