Ahhhhh…  Did you love Day One as much as I did?  So. Good.  SO GOOD.  You know, I am not sure if it was just “beginning” something that I know is life changing or the fact that we are reading the Bible together but my heart overflows.  I love new things and I love being together. So basically I am floating over here in my corner of the map.

Now, promise me that you just didn’t rush through and read those first verses in Matthew.  If you did, it’s okay.  I did it my whole life.  But, in case you did, I am gonna need you to go back and REALLY read them. Will you do that for me?  I want you to know there is mind blowing information tucked very neatly within this little genealogy list of Jesus.  Of course, we know the GENEOLOGY of Christ is important.  I just want you to really see the names that have been printed on the tissue thin paper that you hold between your fingers.   I truly want you to see the power of God within the list of names.  This chapter in the Bible has quickly become one of my favorites, one I treasure and lean on time after time, reminding myself I serve a mighty God who restores and uses the unlikely. Go back and read over the verses, will you?  Rich truths for us to discover.

Now on to Day Two!