the night before the BIG day…

As I finished up my day and laid there contemplating the decision, I breathed heavy with angst and excitement all wrapped up in one big wod of nerves.  Needing to unwind {yeah, it was almost midnight} I checked to see if he was asleep and then grabbed the iPhone.  No Pinterest, just email tonight.  Over the last several months I have a group of blogs that I subscribe to and just love to read, always getting ideas, encouragement and a laugh.  Well, tonight, the first one popped up {I thought ~ just one then off to bed}… the title read…The Bad News About Homeschooling.  Huh?!  What?!  Oh… Oh my word… what was I thinking…  I braced myself and tried to read it… it was soooo long.  Apparently she had a lot of BAD NEWS!  I knew I was in trouble when she dissected her sentence giving reason upon reason to each word! 

So today, I wasn’t surprised when I found myself humming the words “sending out an S.O.S…” Really.  I didLike all day.  Weird.

Oh my word… what was I thinking…

Oh, and by the way… for those who didn’t know… I’m HOMESCHOOLING!  Oh yeah!

Author: Natalie

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