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Our One Table Monthly Journals are a unique Bible study tool that provides the perfect space for tracking your daily Bible reading, storing key verses, notes, and key questions for growth in your faith.

One Table Journals

Our Bible reading plans are an excellent resource to guide you in your daily Bible time with God and refresh yourselves in His truth.  In just a few minutes a day for a month, you will be stronger in your faith and knowledge of our Lord!

We have created some great  
resources for you and your family!  

Bible Reading Plans

Dinner Table Discipleship


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Welcome to our course library where you can dig in and study transforming topics at your own convenience... at home in your comfy clothes,
waiting in the car line or by the pool.  Come on and hang out with me, and  together let's strengthen a life rooted in Christ. 

Word Warrior
Bible Study & Course Library

Bible Studies & Courses

You believe it too...
but you struggle to commit to this daily spiritual discipline. 
I get it!  I want to encourage and help you in this area...

Scripture Memory Challenge

   we believe scripture is transformational

Join me!  I dare you.