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Because of Christ, I am made new and free to never be the same again.

We are doing this!  Yes, starting today!  We are praying desperately for Christ guidance in our lives…  I don’t know about you, but I am desperate to shine for Him.  As children, we quickly learned there is a light for us to shine for Christ for all the world to see.  

This little light of mine…

But, over time somehow we fall into the shadows of every day.  Growing complacent or just accepting that there is nothing special in moments between the WOW.  You know, the fragments of life worth remembering… social worthy.   

How can we be Radiant when we truly feel we have lost all of our luster.  

Over the next thirty-one days, we are going to desperately seek Christ’s face and faithfully trust He will show us how to shine Radiant for Him. Breaking free from the chains of fear, shame,


Shining RADIANT in the mundane of every day, this is where we truly shine.  We will read His words and remind ourselves of our worth, our purpose and be confident we have a light to shine.  

Nothing new here…  This isn’t a concept that hasn’t been tapped into before…   I haven’t found some secret formula to be beautiful inside and out.

I just know Christ has led me here and He desperately desires to see His face in yours.  

There is so much to learn, to share, to KNOW!  

This time, let’s do it together…  

Can you imagine if we truly set our heart, our eyes on Him, TOGETHER for thirty-one days…  PRAYING, reading His word, sharing our stories and SHINING our light.  TOGETHER we can be RADIANT for those whose paths need His light.

I pray you will choose to take this path…  

I pray that we will learn from one another, growing together, learning from this journey. 

God is already at work on this journey.  Bringing women together.   It is so exciting!  

So, what exactly are we doing?  Ha!  Well, for starters my crazy precious family and I had so much fun making a video for this series on being Radiant.  Ale’ and Alex are just wild and I LOVE them…  We had the most fun being crazy-silly and talking about Jesus!  If this  31 days of being intentional did nothing more than bring us together, growing us together and strengthening our faith together…  it has been worth every second.  This is for me, for us and for you!  A thirty-one-day journey.  

Check it out… RADIANT

It was so much fun!  Ale’ and Alex are SUPER talented and so excited to be a part of this journey!  Can’t wait to share more of their work here on Word Warrior.  I love them… they love me…  and we LOVE Jesus!  I hope you see Him in all of this!

Where two are gathered there Christ will be also!  Isn’t that exciting!  

I pray this journey awakens your soul to seek the true Source of Light.

There is so much more to share…  it’s gonna be hard to save it for other days.   Just join us, okay! Let’s do this!  Let’s be RADIANT, because frankly…  YOU ARE!


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