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Monthly Bible Study + Reading Plan on Aspects of Love

Aspects of Love

Would you agree that the word LOVE is probably the most watered down word in the English language? Yeah, me too!  I know personally as a girl who loves to show her affection to others, I have definitely worn this word out! So, what does it really mean… LOVE?  You could sum up Webster’s definition by simply defining […]

Preparing for Purpose | week three

Prepare for The Good News Sitting here, staring at this screen… overwhelmed at the mightiness of my Lord. How do you even begin to write about One whose sandals you are not worthy to tie? Tonight, my heart is laid out on the pages of Mark…  For someone that struggles with the process of being ready and […]

Preparing for Purpose

Preparing for Purpose “Is not my word like fire, says the Lord!” gather around and let us prepare for purpose. This month join us as we dive into scripture and prepare for purpose! Our One Table Reading Plan is set up for you to take specific scriptures for each week and read, study and meditate. […]


Hey, friends!  Here is the Reading Plan for RUTH! Download, print and keep it handy! Remember to… Read it! Write it! and Share it!