Eleanor R.

an email about the blog…

One Table

Just letting you guys know I am working on a blog of my family to share with the rest of my family. It will probably take the weekend, but with a little, okay…a lot, of help from Emily, I will have it up & running!

Also, I will also use this blog to talk about our verse of the week. I have got such great responses from most everyone about learning scriptures!!! Meredith already has her memorized and Adam is asking for one each day!!! You all need to know I was a B-C student (and I struggled to be that), so I am still working on it. Emma actually almost has it down pat (she takes after her Dad). Anyway…God is great and I think it is going to be a really good thing! In this crazy fast paced world, where we all seem to be in different locations, it is, excuse me, HE is the one thing that binds us together!

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