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Some time back, the idea of not being able to own a Bible was brought to my attention. It was kind of said in passing, but it really stuck with me and seemed to camp out in my mind. I couldn’t get away from the this terrible idea. I mean, it was far fetched, but it was possible. I have grown up listening and learning all the great stories in the bible. I have also learned key scriptures in the bible. I say learned…I could probably recite them and with a little thumbing through, could probably find them in the bible. But did I really know enough to carry me through such times and trials as this idea was bringing to mind. Most importantly, did I know enough to teach my precious children what they needed to know of our precious Lord and Savior. This was a very scary thought!!!

So, all that,lead me to this…weekly scripture memorization with friends who would encourage and hold each other accountable.

Well, this past Tuesday I started Word of God Warriors. I decided to start this adventure with Psalms 119:11, it just seemed appropriate. “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” Psalms 119:11 (NIV) Well, I took a group of names that were very precious to me and started the 1st email. By that night, the response from some of you was just amazing. I was so excited that you were so excited!!! God has got His hands ALL OVER THIS!!!!!!!

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