Hey Guys!!

Well, I guess you thought I forgot about you! Well, I didn’t!! Hah! I have just been away for some much needed time with my family. You know, while sitting there on that beautiful beach I got to thinking about a lot of things. I sat there looking out at that amazing ocean with my precious husband beside me, and my amazing kids playing in front of me and I thanked God for His blessings. What a wonderful and satisfying feeling it is to be a wife and a mother.

If I had to tell someone the story of my life, it would be a crazy one! The truth be known, I could probably write a book! Crazy, but wonderful. It has made me the woman I am today and I am thankful for my journey. Looking back, like most folks, there is always a mother somewhere in the story. I once told my Mother that she was “my leaning post in life”. I am so thankful to still be leaning on her today. She is an amazing woman.

You know, my mother has the softest cheeks. Her skin smells so absolutely sweet. And I think her hands are just beautiful, they tell a story of strength and beauty. If I could draw, I would draw you an identical picture of her hands without ever looking at them. Isn’t it funny what comes to mind when we think of our Mothers? And, most always, when I think of my Mother, I think of her Mother. I can tell you the same traits of my Mother are identical to that of hers, down to the smell of her skin, the age spots on her hand and the kindness in her heart. I come from a long line of strong women. Godly women. This, above all traits, is what stands out the most. Throughout the Bible, you will find the word Mother. Through different scripture, we can learn of her story, her responsibility, her strength, her challenges, her faithfulness and her blessings. It wasn’t until I became a Mother myself that I fully understood the responsibility of being a Christian Mother. It wasn’t until I became a Mother that I fully appreciated my own Mother. I am thankful for my Mother and her mother and my Daddy’s mother and their love for God and their desire to raise Godly children. The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful Mother. He has blessed me with so many different wonderful mothers. Not everyone can say that they are surrounded by godly woman, but I am so thankful to be! All the different mothers in my life are a daily guide and encouragement to be the Christian mother God wants me to be.

I want to encourage all of you (mother, wife or NOT…it’s good) to read Proverbs 31:10-31. No, I am not asking you guys to memorize all of these verses. But find a Bible…open it…read!!! It is a wonderful scripture. Find something in it worth remembering and hide it in your heart!

In studying these verses I came across the story of William Booth. He was the founder of the Salvation Army. This is the tribute he gave to his wife Catherine at the time of her death:

“To me she has been made of God, never-failing sympathy, reliable wisdom, and unvarnished truth – in short, all that is noble and
good; and consequently a tower of strength, a mine of wealth, and an overflowing fountain of comfort and joy,”

With “undistracted devotion to the Lord” Catherine Booth was a woman to be praised because she feared the Lord.

Have a Blessed Mothers Day!

Much Love,
Your Sister in Christ – Natalie

P.S. Today is National Prayer Day! You may or may not be hearing a lot about this holiday, our president isn’t really observing it! (hence the need to pray!!) But, take a few minutes and talk to God. There is a world of things to be praying for!!! If you have any prayer request you would like to share with us, please send them to me! Have a great day!

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