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Recently, I have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing women.  (I know I have mentioned this to several of you already)  Among them, Tajuan McCarty of The WellHouse, Inc. and Lisa Holifield of Roxeanne and Russell in the mornings on WDJC.  To say it has kinda given me something to think about is definitely an understatement!  The job that God has laid in these ladies laps has been a real eye opener for me. They have bravely and humbly picked up the armor of God and prepared themselves for His calling.  Being around them, the Holy Spirit is just infectious! (Did I say that right?!  You get what I am meaning!)  Jesus is just oozing out of them!  I told Lisa that I am just in love with her.  She is just fabulous.  But really, I am in love with Jesus.  It is God, His Love, His Son, His Holy Spirit that I see in her.  I see what she is fighting for and I want to help!

You know, you have to be careful what you ask God for, He might just give it to you!  He has put these two amazing women in my path and I have got to be sensitive to Him and know what He wants me to do about it!  lol!  Yes, it is funny to me. . . you can’t imagine the road God has had me on lately.   I have been asking God to broaden my territory for some time now.  To use me, open doors for me so that I can spread His life-changing WORD.  I mean, I have been just itching to do all I can for The King and His Kingdom.  One of the jobs He has so graciously given me is  leading The Women’s Ministry at my church.  I know, a HUGE task, but just flowing with godly opportunities and His blessings. I feel like God has lead me in a direction so that others can be made aware and get involved helping others.

You know, we don’t know much about Jabez , but He would be amazed at how God took his little prayer, used it as a foundation to build amazing ministries.  He truly did broaden his territory!  I think one of the things that we can learn from Jabez and his prayer is that we must keep God in the center of our work.  We have to invite Him in and ask Him to BLESS us.  Jabez wanted to increase his ability to influence others of God.  Exactly how large he increases this territory is not the important part.  But the willingness and the obedience to do so.  When you commit to doing God’s work, I believe it is crucial to not only be obedient but to do this in  a close relationship with God.   We must continue to seek His guidance with every step we make.  How can we do this, stay close to Him? Well, if you didn’t already know, I am on this little mission to encourage others  and myself  to stay in His word and hide it in our hearts.  His WORD is alive and it will change your life.  His WORD is POWERFULHebrews 4:12.  So, dig in!  Grab the Bible and read His word daily, memorize it, hide it in your heart.  Bible verses tell of God’s love and give us everlasting hope!   PRAY,  (Isaiah 55:6 )take everything to Him in prayer.  Ask Him to show you where He wants you to be, how He can use you and your talents.  Commune with Him throughout your day.  And praise him prayerfully.  SURROUND yourself with Godly things and Godly people. Hebrews 10: 24-25.   People who will hold you accountable, encourage you, challenge you to grow spiritually.  And, you have got to make sure you GROW!  You can’t become complacent with your relationship with Christ.  You gotta get rid of the bad in your life, prune away that which is not fruitful, so that you can grow.  John 15:2.

I am hoping you all will open your eyes to this faith based ministry, The WellHouse, Inc and please join me as we pray for this ministry and all the people involved.  These people need us!  (Actually all they need is God, but I think He wants us to help out!)  It is as simple as planting a seed.  That is all we have to do and HE will do the rest.  Everyone needs to know of God’s love, power and all surpassing peace.  My prayer for you is the same for myself.  Asking the Lord to expand our abilities to reach the lost.

So, with all this being said. . .our verse for this week (or what is left of it!). . .

7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. Matthew 7:7-8
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    You are wonderful and I am amazed at what you do. Love you

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