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{Day 3} Family Fun = Outreach


31 Days of Family Fun

{Day 2/3}

Family Fun = Outreach!

Okay, so I have been posting pretty late and I think I have lost a day in here somewhere in all the time zones…

So, today I am bringing you Day 3 of our 31 DAYS of FaMiLy FuN!  {Maybe you will actually get it today and not on Day 4!}

Some of you may not think this falls under the “family fun” category.  But, when it comes to my family we pretty much do everything together and we try to make the most out of all things.  So, to say that, Momma going to outreach  is fun, let me do a little explaining…

For quite some time now, every Monday, I join an amazing group of Christians and hit the streets sowing the field and planting the seed of Jesus!  It has been a life changing experience for me and in turn, my family.  As, some of you may know Andy and I choose to homeschool the kids starting with this school year and so far it has been AWESOME!  My personal time is some what limited, but  we all make an effort to support each other in things that are important to each of us.  Some of the first comments where those people assuming I would give up some of my extras that I do during the week.  There would be just no time for homeschooling and these other projects I had going on in my life now.  Well, again… for those who do not know, I have an amazing husband {and family} who believes in what I do!  {I am just grinning ear to ear with that thought in my head!}  He rocks!  And I have the grooviest kids who think what I do is important!  {because it’s all about Jesus}  The kids have really loved helping me prepare the bags that we have handed out at outreach.  So, as a FAMILY… we all work together so that I have this opportunity to slip away for a couple of hours and outreach to those in need of Jesus.   AND, when I get home and share How good God is… Well, it just don’t get any funner than that! 

FAMILY FUN = teaching your kids about outreach… missions… being the hands of feet of Christ…

Birmingham and most churches are full of opportunities for you and your family to get involved in outreach to your local and surrounding communities.  If nothing more than your kids seeing what it means to serve.  I tell you, it is a lot of fun!  And as I have said before, when it comes to your kids… I have learned that actions speak louder than words!

God is so good and in seeking Him we have found such pure joy in all things!  Praying for blessings on you and your families!  Hope I have inspired a little family fun!




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