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{Day 5} Family Fun = Rickwood Caverns


31 Days of Family Fun…

{DAY 5}

Rickwood Caverns

If you live in Alabama, there is a chance you and your family have explored the caves scattered all over the south.  And if you live near the Birmingham area, there is an even better chance you have visited Rickwood Caverns.  However, if you have, it’s been probably like… 15 years ago!  OR even longer!

Well, it is still there and I swear I think the kids/guide tell the same speech as they told 15 years ago…  But it still is a great little getaway for you and your family.  ESPECIALLY this time of year. 

A couple of weekends ago, we packed up the cooler and grabbed a quilt and headed north.  The weather was great and really that particular stretch of interstate always gets me in the mood for Fall fun.

I would say that everything probably is the same except for a couple of new additions.  One being the gold rush!  Oh yeah, it was so much fun… for $6.00!  SIX DOLLARS!!  Really, we thought it was great for the loads of fun the kids had!  YOu get this huge back of dirt/muck/sand and it is just filled with all types of groovy rocks.  The kids had a blast and Baby Girl had a little fun herself. 


I really wonder what people think about us when we leave…

The kids LOVED the cave, the park, the picnic, the panning for gold and running around on all the rocks!  It was a great day!


Oh, and did I mention they had a great little park.  I almost seriously wounded myself and the kids on the see-saw, but thank goodness, we survived. 

If you have a camper, the spots there looked pretty good.  Other than a good look on the way out, that’s all I got for the  RV spots.  There was some juicy smelling burgers coming from the area though.  SO… must have a good grilling spot!

Okay, check them out…


Load up the kids and head north…

Family Fun = Rickwood Caverns

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