Eleanor R.

closer to the sun


There’s something about it.  The salty air.  The sand.  You just feel closer to the sun…

My kids love it here.  Our favorite spot…  The Pass.  Searching for sand dollars. Trying to corral all the hermit crabs within the sand dripped fort.  Fishing for redfish.

Remembering 35 years of memories made here and sharing them with the kids.  Well. Not all of them… There’s something about a blonde headed boy and the sea that does crazy things to a girl.

It’s been over 15 years ago my family brought Andy to these beaches.  He’s been in love ever since.  If he ever left me, it would be for the sea.

I spent my childhood summers on these same shores.  Just less than a mile from our spot at The Pass.

There was something about crossing over that bridge.  Turning onto the white shelled drive.  Although it’s been decades ago, I can still describe that house in detail.  Happy lived within those walls.

Not too long ago my Daddy was doing a little reminiscing…  Found his way back within those walls. Nothing had changed…  His sail, 20 something years later, still hangs underneath the house.  Really, nothing has changed.  They must have felt it too…

They say you don’t fix what isn’t broke.

What a blessing to see my children rolling around in these same experiences.  Watching them make their own memories.   Watching them make connections with these shores.  I wonder what they will remember…

Several years ago, I was piddling through my MeeMaw’s drawers.  Buried under some old hankies and hose there it was…  a book filled with memories…  thank you’s…  first times…    let’s do it again’s…

And then there on the very last page…  In her handwriting…  Her feelings…  Her heart…  “the end of a dream”

This place is special.  It always has been…

How can we not be absolutely mesmerized…  Smitten…  Swooning for these shores.  Our very Lord crafted them with His hands. With His very breath, infused the air with salt.  

Sitting here listening to the sound of His creatures, the crashing of His waves on the late afternoons I can feel Him.  I can see Him.  Experience Him and know Him in such a real and tangible way.  I imagine His mighty hand raised out over these waves and His Son walking towards me with outstretched arms.  

There is something about it.  The salty air.  The sand.  Sitting here…  Feeling so small in front of this never ending sea.  I’m overwhelmed.  It might be the houses, the view or even the food.  The memories are treasured, the company makes it sweet and the boats supply adventure.

But for me, here in this place, I feel closer to the Son…


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