Eleanor R.

looking back…


Man, I wish I had been more disciplined with this whole blog thing…  I wish I had taken a minute to write a little something each day.  It would have been an amazing story, it is an amazing story and I can’t wait to read the next page.  Sitting here in tears reading my words and feeling my heart and soul stirred within.  My God IS amazing, simply brilliant. Truly ALL things work together for His glory.  It is almost too much, too much for me to look back and be here in this moment.  Remembering my heart, my thoughts, my pain, my hopes and my prayers…

SO many things come to mind that I want to share…  For today, it will be this…  BE in His WORD daily, seeking Him with your whole heart.  His WORD is powerful!  I don’t think I would be here overwhelmed with His goodness, His joy had I not been seeking Him with everything in me.  When The Spirit spoke ~ I heard Him.   Praise God, I heard Him.  Don’t doubt for a moment He doesn’t use people to prepare us, make our paths straight, speak to us.  Our prayer time with Sam was not just happenstance, it was God’s divine appointment.  He used Sam to prepare us for days ahead.  IT was Sam’s obedience that led to preparing me for a mighty battle.  That day, IT was Sam’s verse, His Word, that I held in my quiver.

I thank God for the people HE uses daily in my life to prepare me, allowing me to live this  amazing life He has blessed me with.  Oh truly, my cup overflows!

I urge you and encourage you to give more of yourself to The Holy Spirit…  It is not us that needs more of Him~ praise God, we got ALL of Him!  We just have to give more of ourselves to Him.  It is when we do this we hear Him whisper within the wind and feel Him speaking in the unlikeliest places.  He is the nudge we get, the feeling in the pit of our bellies.  See, not only do we need Him in the battles, but we need Him in the everyday, the little things.  ALL things for His glory!  

With the big spooky holiday waiting around the corner…  Instead of hiding from the ghost, consider RUNNING towards The Holy Spirit!



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