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interview with Emma Mae…


If you haven’t heard of the Elrod Gang, let me have the pleasure of introducing to you one of their finest…  Emma Mae. So what’s it like to be one of three awesome children? We sat down with the old-soul Emma Mae to find out. 

WW:  So let’s just get this out of the way. Your dad’s AWESOME. Tell me about that.

EME:  Well, he has an awesome job, he is the best ever.  My dad is awesome.

WW:  You seem like a normal gal, except you’re homeschooled (snicker). What’s that like?

EME:  It’s fun cause you get to be with your mom and your mom is teaching you.  It just feels good to be homeschooled to be with your brother, sister and your mom who teaches you really well.  Next question.

WW:  Why do you think “homeschooling ” has been such a hit?

EME:  Because you get to be home.

WW:  What kind of opportunities has homeschooling given you?

EME:  We have long lunch breaks… I get to do crafts and sometimes music parades…

WW:  How about in terms of your faith?

EME:  Learning about God and how He made everything in the world.  How God died on a cross for me and you.

WW:  So, what are you going to do after high school?

EME: I want to go to other places and tell kids and families about Jesus.

WW: What has been the biggest life lesson you’ve learned from your family?

EME: It’s important to tell people about Jesus and how HE died for you and me…. and how he died on the cross for our sins.

WW: Do you think people should know that… do you think we should tell them?

EME:  Yeah!

WW: Do you think everyone knows about Jesus?

EME:  No.

WW: Is there anything you wish people knew about your life or your family?

EME: That we love Jesus.

WW: What have you learned from all this?

EME: That my mom and dad are christians.

And now for the fun stuff:

WW: What do you like to do for fun?

EME: I like to paint rocks and sell them so I can get money for charity and the homeless.

WW: What’s your favorite thing to do as a family?

EME: Play kickball.

WW: So, I heard you milk goats, tell me about that?

EME: We have one milking goat and another milking goat that is going to be pregnant and have a little colt I think… no, a kid.  Then we will have 2 milking goats.  I take care of the straining and putting up the milk for my parents.  I enjoy having a farm and milking goats.

WW: Your family hunts.  What do you hunt?

EME: Deer… ducks… dove… fish… squirrel… thats all.

WW: What’s the biggest deer you’ve ever harvested?

EME:  I haven’t killed nothing.

WW: What song can you not get enough of?

EME: Highlands Worship

WW: What’s your favorite app?

EME: Instagram

WW: So, do you pester your siblings a lot?

EME: I do not.

WW: You are lying.

EME:  Don’t put it on there, but yes.  {WW: sorry…}

WW: What’s your favorite book?

EME: Judy Moody books

WW: Do you think beards are attractive?

EME: They are cool.  They’re awesome.

WW: What about your dad’s ponytail?

EME: Cool.

WW: Any last thoughts?

EME:  {eyes closed, hands up, toothless grin} I love Jesus.

Well, there you have it…

Stay tuned for more news and shenanigans from the Elrod Gang!

~ Natalie {a.k.a. Word Warrior and Proud MOMMA!}

  1. Rona Kilpatrick-Shedd says:

    I love you Emma Mae and you just keep on living for Jesus!! He loves you!!

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