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okay, this was about a t-shirt, but I just realized it’s not…


So, today the kiddos went to work with their Dad…  I have been a woman on a mission…  Cleaning, studying, crafting…

Joy B has had me all-itching-to-sew…  She is cracking me up…  The girl has never sewn and then she just sits down and whips out these precious little dresses!  I am just so proud of her!

Okay…  So, my Upcycled T-Shirt:

  1. grab an old shirt, preferably a larger one
  2. cut the arms and neck out
  3. cut about a two-inch band across the bottom and then cut the hem off of that piece.  snip into, stretching it out to one long ribbon
  4. flip over, cut a v in the back of the neck line
  5. grab your t-shirt ribbon and tie a knot an inch or two from bottom and begin to wrap up and back down, tying off with the other end of ribbon.
  6. fold sideways, cut upward from back to front , creating an angle.
  7. grab it up, give it a good pop.  voila! a groovy new shirt for the summer.

I am loving mine…  It was actually Andy’s t-shirt and I have a tendency to dry the very life out of clothes…  So, he passed it down to me when it got a little too tight…  It’s been folded up in my drawer just waiting for this day!

The graphic on my t-shirt…  Leeland.  I had the pleasure of meeting these precious folks one early morning on Call To Prayer on WDJC in Birmingham.  I have been loving these guys ever since…

This song ROCKS my world!  Hit play and TURN IT UP and let the words siiiiiiiinnnk in!  It’s powerful!


IMG_1392It was an awesome morning of prayer, praise and worship…  such an unforgettable blessing!  These sweet folks are brothers and sisters!  How groovy! You can follow then here on Facebook or  visit their site here.


Okay…  forget the t-shirt…

Oh Heavenly Father!  Awaken us!  Empower us!  It starts with one, just one…  Holy Spirit bring us another GREAT AWAKENING!  Stir within us a passion we can no longer ignore…  Wake us up!

What a great song, a cry for hope…  And if you wanna know the back story to the song…  You can find it here.

Well, how awesome…  a post about a t-shirt and I’ve gotten my groove on!

Let’s turn the whole place UPSIDE down!

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