RADIANT  |  Day 9…

For the first time I listened to her words.  This fireball of a little woman spoke with such love and  conviction.  Listening to Lisa {Roxanne} for the first time…  her words reached deep into my soul and stirred a place I didn’t know existed.   I couldn’t shake the feeling.  Something had just gripped me within and I couldn’t ignore.  The sheer thought of what I was feeling wrecked me to the core.  God was calling me higher.  

I will never forget the first time I saw her… The day Lisa introduced me to her, she was my woman at the well.  Just beautiful!   I hung on to every word she spoke not wanting to miss anything she was willing to share.  I was fascinated and at the very same time horrified at what I had got myself into… {ha!}


Tajuan was truly Radiant.   I  listened to her words and I begin to feel God working deep within.   I remember her explaining the importance of what we were doing…  hoping we would understand from a different perspective.  She warned to never promise something we couldn’t deliver.  I knew she was probably speaking from experience.  The ladies we might come in contact with had been handed too many empty promises.  I made a big mental note… try your best to NEVER let this woman down!  I have loved her deeply ever since.  Serving her and The WellHouse has been a blessing!

That night as I fumbled words trying to explain to Andy the events of the day every word I chose seemed so inadequate for what had taken place.  It was one of those true God-alignments.  I knew Christ was using these women in my life to shine a brighter light on my own path.  

Meeting Tajuan that day, hearing from her heart, seeing her so Radiant…  I knew I had just seen Jesus in her sweet face.  I knew after that day sitting there on that beautiful green lawn in a circle of amazing women, scared to death, I would never be the same.

The light that radiated from Lisa and Tajuan shined brightly on my path making the way much more clear than it had ever been before.  I knew I needed Christ, I was certain I desperately wanted more of Him…  I just needed someone to help me see my path more clearly.  These two have been such an influence, encouraging me, pushing me and giving me opportunities to grow and be Radiant for Christ.  Grateful and blessed.

Lisa and Tajuan

{snagged the photo from my precious friend Alexa James: Development Director @ The WellHouse}

I remember sitting one day on the front porch of The WellHouse telling Tajuan that as much as my parents, Andy, the kids and my family had shaped my life she too was now part of my story.  Her life, her restoration, her FIRSTHAND faith was a catapult for my complacency.  Having settled far too long for mediocracy; I desired my own FIRSTHAND faith stories to share and pass down.   God was using this experience among many to prepare me for a season of refining.

Today, my dear friend was recognized as one of Birmingham’s Top 21 Women Who Make a Difference.  She humbly serves desiring to be nothing more than the hands and feet of Jesus, in turn her light shines Radiant onto others path.  He uses the unlikely for His Kingdom!  He is just so groovy like that!

Here is the thing I want to make sure you get…  Obedience is a by-product of your relationship with Jesus.  He simply desires a relationship with you…  Surrendering, obedience… this all comes naturally from having a personal relationship with The Savior.  And in turn, when we feel Him pressing, we humbly step out; giving Christ the opportunity to do a real work in us giving each of us our own FIRSTHAND faith.  In our efforts to lay our life down at His feet, seeking Christ face…  we can’t help but reflect His light and be Radiant.  Lisa had no idea the day she spoke and shared her story it would rekindle a fire within me.  She wasn’t aware of her light shining on my path…  Tajuan could have never dreamed God would use her darkest nights to shine such a bright light onto so many others paths.  She humbly stands as a reflection of His light guiding others to the hope that is in Christ Jesus.  He truly used these two to help make my path more clear.

For this very reason I am encouraged to boldly claim in Jesus name…

this little light of mine, I am gonna let it shine!  

I am grateful for so many who have been so obedient to Christ call, His nudging…  Your obedience has been an encouragement in my life.  There have been SO many who have shined their light on my path.  It is not always easy and beautiful.  It is quite often trying and  at times dark along the way… I encourage you to let His light shine through you… being Radiant for Christ.  You NEVER know whose path is brighter because of your light!

If you would like to make a difference… shine your light…  Please visit The WellHouse and see how you can help and support this amazing ministry for women in human trafficking and sexually exploitation.  Thank you!

be Radiant because someone NEEDS you to be!

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Those who look to him are radiant; 

their faces are never covered with shame. Psalms 34:5

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