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There’s this girl.  She leaves notes about boogers.  I think she is so cool.  Really, she rocks.


She’s even been known to bring me expensive toilet paper and soothing wipes after learning we had to use 1/2 ply for a week.

She is no joke and she’s cooler than the other side of the pillow.  She gets me.  She even gets my weird text.  With her, I text unashamed.  

Her cat eats of the counter and it doesn’t bother me.  It should.  But, it doesn’t.

She’s kind.  She loves my kids.  She’ll carry their pumpkins for miles and miles without ever uttering the sassiest word.  I could go on and on.  Maybe it’s just the awesomeness of her husband overflowing onto her.  I guess she just can’t help it.  She’s groovy.

But today was almost too much.  I thought she was awesome, but this took the cake.  She completely rocked my world today when she put leg weights on the front wheels of her umbrella stroller.  Did you read that?  LEG WEIGHTS on the front of her stroller.  LEG WEIGHTS!  ON THE FRONT OF HER STROLLER!  GENIUS!

Three kiddos and nine years filled with serious stroller frustration!  It’s happened a million times.  You know.  YOU KNOW IT.  How many ugly words have you let slip when you pick up the kid and that thing goes flying in the air?  I know.  If it’s got a hook on it or a hole in it, you can hang it from a stroller.  Then in that split second they jump out or you grab them up as their screaming their head off.  And it happens…   it’s a flip-up frenzy!

Seriously, years of frustrations.  She’s amazing.  The world needed to know of her cleverness.  I know. Strap-on weights.  All you umbrella-stroller-pushing-momma’s.  Go get you some.

She’s fabulous.  And I really hope you have a friend like her.

Stroller weights.  I know.  I’ll tell her.


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p.s. if you think she couldn’t get any better…  guess what?   she loves Jesus!  OH YEAH!

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