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JOY for your day


A couple of weeks ago heading home from Bible Study,  Emma and I looked up to see blazing flashing lights in our rear view mirror.  Apparently, while getting our praise on we never noticed the police officer who had been following, lights flashing for the last mile or so down the road. Quickly we pulled over, barely enough time to turn down our JOY, and the police officer was suspiciously peering in all of our windows with his hand on his gun.  I surrendered with an apology and a legitimate explanation…  “we were jamming with Jesus!”.  This made much sense to him since he had been following us and noticed at one point we were “pulling away” from him…  He asked us to turn it down and drive safely.  Whew!  We got off with just a warning.  We get serious with our praise and worship!

A little side note…  Almost two decades earlier I found myself on this very same road surrounded by police cars and loaded guns pulled on me and my little Geo Storm.  Arms flailing I surrendered with, “It’s just me” assuming they knew who I was and how I was not a threat to them or our little community.  Again, arms stretched out of my window, I desperately surrendered  with an apology and a legitimate excuse for a desperately needed hair cut. (nobody could cut my hair like Jackie) I remember as if yesterday, I had made up my mind and needed a new style,  she was staying late to fit me in her schedule.  I was in college and had driven all the way from Tuscaloosa in about twenty minutes.  If you know my neck of the woods, you would know I was doing a bit over the speed limit.  I don’t know if there were fewer stop signs back then or it was just the speed my little red Geo Storm was able to pick up on long straight aways…

Anyhoo, thankfully NO one was hurt in either incident.

SO, a little warning with this song…  If driving, SLOW down.  If sitting at work, well… let them know you love Jesus!

Here is a little JOY for your day!  And if possible, turn it up really loud!


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photo by the beautiful Alexandra E.

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