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making your own bone broth


If you are wondering WHAT in the world is bone broth and WHY do we need it…  You have landed at the right spot. Bone broth is a simple but nutritious broth made from chicken bones.  And, let me say it is just not any ole’ bones!

The bones we use come from a local farmer who raises free-range chickens with standards that can’t really be measured.  He’s old school and he places great value on the importance of knowing where your food comes from.

After making the decision to try essential oils as a healthier alternative to over the counter medicine and prescription drugs,  a desire emerged to have an overall understanding of knowing we had healthier choices in ALL areas of our life.  Funny, when you decide to get your foot wet it’s kinda hard to not become fully immersed in the water…

A good weekend of food documentaries on Netflix had us staring at our pantry through tears! Overwhelmed, we knew the only way to continue this journey for better health was to simply take “baby steps” towards a healthier lifestyle.

In the beginning of our decision for taking “baby steps” I came across an article describing the amazing benefits of bone broth.  This was a HUGE “ah-HAH” moment in connecting some of the dots to this whole overall wellness mentality.  Lucky to have recently made the decision of finding a local farmer, our freezer was stocked with the cleanest chickens I had ever eaten.


After my family had enjoyed a beautiful dinner of roasted chicken and the remainder had been put up for another meal…  I took a go at making my first batch of bone broth.  With the help of the internet, and my farmer’s wife… I said goodnight to a crockpot full of bones, vinegar, water and vegetables.

The next morning, there it was… a beautiful, golden, healing elixir.  Great for…  supporting digestion,  rebuilding your gut,  reducing inflammation, increasing mineral consumption, aiding in joint & muscle pain,  improving bone density,  battles stress,  promoting good sleep and great for improving skin.

You see, this isn’t just any ole’  broth to be sipped from your favorite mug.  This is an ancient remedy that nourishes,  boost immunity and heals the body.  Such a simple recipe with countless benefits.  Cooked on the stove top or over night in your crock-pot, give it a try today and reap the fruit of your labor.

How we did it…

We took everything from a whole roasted chicken that wasn’t eaten for dinner or put up for later.  Added just a few ingredients, see recipe card below, and begin the process!

Started by soaking the bones in vinegar for about thirty minutes before adding water and vegetables.  This helps pull out the trace minerals from bones.  Next, add the vegetables and water.  Cook in a crock pot over night on a warm setting.  Do not boil the broth or even simmer!  Use your lowest setting on your crock pot, ours is “Warm”.  The next morning, turn the crock pot off and allow to cool.  Once it has cooled you can remove all large pieces and treat your dog to a healthy breakfast!  Taking the liquid in the crock pot, pour through a wire mesh, and even further, strain through cheese cloth before storing.   They say a cup a day keeps the doctor away!  If you aren’t up for a cup a day…  When feeling a bit under the weather, we combine essential oils and our “healing brew” for the needed boost in our immunity.  For a weeks worth, store in a tightly sealed container in your refrigerator.  With the remainder bone broth, we fill ice-cube trays and freeze to be used for later.  These are handy and perfect for continuing to reap the benefits of your homemade bone broth. Super cheap and convenient for popping out and using to start soups, cook rice and steam vegetables.


So, there you have it!  Bone broth.  Get you some!


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