Eleanor R.

Loving Your Husband Well


Farming ain’t always fun. Seriously though. Even with 🐓💩 flying around he makes me blush. I mean he peered in the window with this contraption on his face and sounded like he said something ugly. I don’t know. I was confused. And then he was gone. Of course I googled what I thought he might have said… And then grabbed my boots and headed out. You know just like this chicken coop, our marriage needs tending to. If we aren’t careful we can overlook the crap. And, before you know it – you’ve got 💩 piled up all around you that no one wants to mess with. Ladies, give him a warm smile, a sweet kiss and even a come-hither-look. And even more, give him your support, your encouragement. He needs it. Seriously. It’s biblical. Loving him is like loving Jesus. Listen here, things changed for Andy and I when I really understood that I wanted what God wanted for Andy and not what Natalie wanted for Andy. Yep. When I let go of this idea of who he was supposed to be… embraced and accepted God’s purpose for Andy. Well, It changed everything. So many times we put the weight of the world on those we love. That’s unfair. Don’t do it. Don’t make that mistake. Love your husband. Pray for him daily. Pray with him daily. Let him be exactly who God wants him to be. And trust that God loves him more than you do. I promise. It will rock your world. That’s truth right there. And somebody needs to hear it. Ladies know we were created to be a strong help. We were. We are ezers. It’s who we are. Don’t get caught up on the mistakes in the garden. When you think back to the story. Focus on who God intended for Eve to be. I tell you, the last thing I wanted to do was scrub chicken poo off watering cans and bring him this and hand him that. But I did. God is for marriages. Praise God! And God is for husbands and wives daily tending to their marriage. He’s for saving marriages and he’s for restoring marriages. He’s for putting them in the fire to better reflect His sweet face. Take care of one another and just love your man like Jesus! #covenantkeepers 


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