Eleanor R.

Emma Mae + Blue Apron


My Emma Mae is different.  Special.   She just is.  I know, I know…  We could all say that about each of our children, and I completely agree!  But for right now, I would love to tell you about my Emma Mae and how she LOVES to be in the kitchen. I’m telling you that she is a natural. She moves around effortlessly as whips up some sweet concoction or prepares our family a meal.

The kitchen table has always been a priority in our family.  Some days it is easy to gather around and some days it is like pulling teeth just to get everyone to slow down long enough to eat.  But, Andy and I have always known the importance of this time and really the underlying truth of breaking bread.  We thought Blue Apron would be a great adventure to try as a family…   We were right!


We have had so much fun getting in the kitchen together and cooking up some really fun and fancy meals!  I am really feeling like an awesome parent with this whole Blue Apron thing!  And you better believe this is counting as homeschool!

Seriously.  Want a fun night  in the kitchen with your family? Give Blue Apron a try.

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