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forty changes


The morning after… Yep. Forty and one day. I’m thinking it’s a great day to be alive!  And I’m also thinking that #40changes…  Don’t worry.  I’m not getting all dramatic.  But, I am thinking it’s an opportune time to take a look at things.

You know the worse place for a believer to be  is in a state of complacency. I never want to reside there.  Never.  But as I decide to dig in deep and get ready to challenge and push myself, I also can rest in the peace that He is enough.  And.  I am enough.  But it’s this deep burning desire within.  And the overflow is… More.  I want more of Him.  I want to be more intentional.  I want quiet time with my Best Friend.  Everyday.

At one time Andy and I challenged ourselves and our buddies to trade something good for better.  As Christians we look at our lives and hopefully we see good.  We settle in and before you know it it…  That dreaded word again. Complacency.  So although I believe 40 is just a number, I’m going to use it as a spring board for something better.

Our mornings are good.  But giving Him our very first, they can be better.

Reading over scripture is good.  But hiding it deep within my heart is even better.

Talking with God throughout the day is really good.  But, I am thinking devoted time to Him daily is better.

Our days are filled with good.  But when we wash dishes with a servants heart, the mundane is better.

Evenings at home together are good.  But evenings devoted to investing and building up one another are better.

And yes, dinner is good.  But when we feast on Him first, share His truths at our table, it is better.

Recently, I loaded up with some amazing woman and drove clear across the Untied States.  You can only imagine the beauty we witnessed as we encountered the different landscapes.  I have actually had the pleasure of taking this similar route before, about 6 years ago, when I followed my baby brother to Grand Junction, Colorado to play in the Junior College World Series… two years in a row!  Can I add a side note that he was totally awesome!  And to get us there Big Sissy just might have heckled a couple of players along the way.  Specifically one little cute kid, who last I checked, was the closer for the Boston Red Sox.  Craig Kimbrel I think.  I believe I really might have been so tough on him.  Maybe just a tad obnoxious.  So, so happy my cow bell and air horn didn’t hold him back…  But anyway.  Back to the story.  As we drove down long highways I swore there were times we could see clear across the state.  There is something so majestic about seeing things that are so very different from your day to day.  And as we marveled and gasped we hurried to capture  the beauty that continued to hold our attention and take our breath.  You know, truly God is an artist.

As we headed South, returning home, down familiar roads, I began to take in our surroundings.  And it was as if I was experiencing something like never before…  literally it felt as though the lush green trees were welcoming us in, hugging our path.  The same old trees I have looked at day in and day out.  Well, should I say looked past.  For the last several miles, my friend and I couldn’t stop talking about the beautiful state we lived in and how we often took for granted the breathtaking scenery that surrounded us everyday.

You know, as Christians.  As believers.  We are blessed.  We know who we belong to… We know we are sons and daughters of The King…  It is good.  Right?  You know?  It is ALL good.  But.  It is when we look to the Creator, the Great I AM that we realize what is truly right in front of us.  When we consider what has been put before us, we are in AWE.  And that is the difference. Being in awe of Something so majestic, so mighty, so breathtaking, so beautiful that we desire to trade something good for something better.  Moving beyond a state of complacency.

So. Can we just be encouraged to trade this good for better?  I am telling you, I am so desperate for each of us to desire more.  You know, if we aren’t careful, I fear that complacency can be a very dangerous place for the believer to reside.

May we encourage one another to be even more intentional with our relationship with Jesus.


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