Elrod Sunday Best HighlandsDon’t you love baby dedications? Oh man, I do. It’s such a beautiful visual of the body of Christ growing and strengthening. A portion of my family celebrated together this growing and strengthening yesterday and I loved every minute. Being together was perfect. And I really loved how the pastor said it was just a ploy to gather the parents and family, giving them the opportunity to commit and dedicate themselves (me included) to a life of discipleship. Such good stuff. Sunday’s are my favorite days. They really are. There was a time my family all gathered and worshipped together and there was a time when it made me sad that we didn’t. The Lord’s sanctifying and refining really makes things so simple and clear. We thrive where we have been planted, in Jesus Name, and only God multiplies over divide. We thrive where He plants us and we grow in strength with the body and in turn, our circles are multiplied and enlarged and BIGGER circles infused with Jesus are really, really, really good. Always look for Jesus. Always. Oh, and Josie Cole really enjoyed herself as well. She thought @churchofthehighlands greeters were the friendliest and “wouldn’t mind a bit coming back to visit the church of the Baptist”…. Seriously. I love her. ♡ #elrodssundaybest is always being with the body! God’s good! Amen? 06.11.17

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