Lincoln MemorialFREEDOM | Freedom represents the extreme opposite of being enslaved but can hold significant differences to the individual. So many opportunities on this road trip to teach my kiddos about freedom. Such a powerful word. From The Flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to the birthplace of Booker T Washington… the stories and history of freedom are powerful. I have loved every moment of our trip. Sunday, I herded my crew up for our #elrodssundaybest at the foot of Lincoln. Pretty amazing spot. As we walked away and looked out from the same perspective as Martin Luther King, Jr, I whispered and reminded my kiddos about the reality of our freedom and what it means to us in the temporal and eternal. I do have a dream, one that is never far from my thoughts and always weighing heavy on my heart… for ALL to KNOW Him and ALL to receive and experience true freedom in Christ. Talk about a powerful Word.

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