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box of photos being organized

The Best Photo Organization

Let’s get organized! With two of my kids graduating from high school, I knew it was time to organize the bajillion photos I had accumulated over the years. I found the best solution to my bucket and drawers overflowing with years of photos. I love how it turned out and gives my family easy access […]

daughters dancing on rocks at beach in front of Jenny Lake

reminder to mommas raising little women

I want them to be different. Set apart. So unlike the culture that crowds every corner of their life. Motherhood, biblical motherhood isn’t for the faint of heart. In my almost sixteen years of mothering, I continue to learn that faithful mothering requires faithful sowing. Some days feel like I’m dancing through a beautiful spring […]

Warrior Up | for our daughters

I have seen a lot while ministering in some of the most sin saturated streets in Birmingham.  Some things so bad that I haven’t been able to shake and some things so bad, I hope I always remember. When it comes to my girls, I feel like I am in constant war with this world. […]

Great Way To Grow Readers

First big girl book. All words. No pictures. Lots of chapters. They say leaders are readers. What a great little nugget I picked up on several years ago from John Maxwell on getting his own kids and grandkids to read… for every book they read, he would pay them the price of the book. Pretty […]

Indigo Hotel + Sweet Mornings

We took a quick trip to Jacksonville, Florida to check out KONA, one of the oldest operating skate parks in the United States.  We were feeling a little adventurous and held off getting reservations until we got into Jacksonville late last Friday night.  We spotted the Hotel Indigo and decided to camp out there knowing […]