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woman stepping off curb wearing Albionfit jumper in black in Bozeman montana

The Essential Outfit for Every Traveler | All in one!

Well, at least I think so. Seriously. If minimal packing is important, you are gonna wanna give this jumpsuit a GO. So versatile! I want you to know that I risked ALL the weird looks from my entire family just to get this pic to share with you guys. Actually. I caved at the last […]

The Path to Truth & Beauty

We almost missed this moment. A pretty serious hike led us to one of the most beautiful hidden beaches in Maui. A local fave. We had to go. But the trail was so dangerous and SO uncertain. I knew it would be worth it if we just pressed on. The path to truth & beauty […]

Indigo Hotel + Sweet Mornings

We took a quick trip to Jacksonville, Florida to check out KONA, one of the oldest operating skate parks in the United States.  We were feeling a little adventurous and held off getting reservations until we got into Jacksonville late last Friday night.  We spotted the Hotel Indigo and decided to camp out there knowing […]

Why friendship and freedom are good for the soul

So.  Last week.  At the spur of the moment.  Literally.  I was wisp away to  New York City by my precious friend and all because of freedom.  When you have freedom in your bones, you go looking for it.  You seriously want to go cheer it on. As I threw things in a suitcase for […]