Eleanor R.

The Path to Truth & Beauty


We almost missed this moment. A pretty serious hike led us to one of the most beautiful hidden beaches in Maui. A local fave. We had to go. But the trail was so dangerous and SO uncertain. I knew it would be worth it if we just pressed on. The path to truth & beauty require much but are always worth the struggle. And speaking of struggle…

This guy! Can make me crazy but truly I’d follow him anywhere. Seventeen years married and it’s just been during the last five that we have learned to fight fair. I don’t know about you but stormy seasons and second chances have given us a new perspective on a lot of things including arguments… we just don’t have time for it anymore.

You know, I can actually remember the first time my thoughts began to shift and my response was very different than all the times before. God was wanting to do something new and we were finally giving Him space and permission. Arguments are now rare but when they do rear up, we try our best to be quick to fight fair and remember who we are really fighting. We’ve learned the hard way that our personal struggles are directly connected to a greater cosmic battle between heaven and hell. No? Yes. It’s true.

So remember the next time you don’t see eye to eye, fight fair by remembering who it really is that you are up against. Lock arms. Speak truth with grace and honor. And then, you will walk away stronger. I know there are times the struggle seems very real. But God promises that this path to covenant keeping isn’t so hard when you let the Spirit lead. ♡

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