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Recognizing Christ & Believing for Beautiful

Faith, One Table

ChattanoogaIn a fun getaway, my family and I came across this amazing wall of letters.  I took this picture and have often looked back to make sense of what I had captured. Sitting here in a conversation with Jesus…  desperate for direction, I found myself pulling out this photo once again. Still just letters, still just a beautiful and interesting wall.  On the surface, that is all.

I read back over the scripture, the story of the woman and the well.  The message so clear to me of seeing truth and hope once we focus on Jesus. So powerful, right?

When we are so focused on the sin in our life, we are unable to identify Jesus when He steps on to the scene. Missing the greatest opportunity. In our day and time, it is easy to recognize the possibility of broken and even more so as Christians, broken being made beautiful. However, it’s the recognizing Christ that we sadly often miss. We are capable of gluing pieces together, and man do we often try!  But, we are not capable of being rescued from the broken, our sins. When we recognize Him in our lives and in our circumstances, it is then that we understand Christ is the only one who rescues, mends and makes all things new.

I glanced back at the photo and immediately there it was, literally jumping off the screen.  CM.  My sweet baby brothers initials.  I know, I know.  Not earth shattering to you… But to me, clearly, a reminder of something I hold dear looking back at me.  Had never seen it before.  A God wink maybe? Yes, Lord, I will take it!

See, God’s way moves beyond the surface of our reality and dives deep into the heart. Just as the woman could not understand the spiritual message until she identified Jesus, we truly will not be whole until we recognize Christ in our lives and give our broken to Him.

Believe for beautiful. ♡

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