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quiet the world and listen for what you know

Emma Mae imprinting. They say you should immediately imprint the foal to create this bond, this familiarity. Caressing it’s head, rubbing it’s ears, breathing your breath into its nostrils. All this in hopes to make a mark, create this connection, imprint who you are in order to always be connected. A bond that will last […]

will you stand on the rock

Bodies dumped. Drugs pushed. Women sold. The bible doesn’t tell us to run from hell. It tells us to stand at it’s gates, rattle it’s bars and scream, let His people go!  His word gives us the assurance we need… And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my […]

what was I thinking?!?!

Oh man, write a devotion and choose a verse on words and SURPRISE, SURPRISE?!?!    I mean, come on…what was I thinking?!?!   I haven’t been as challenged with my words in so long as I have this past week.  And man, I think I could have done a LOT better!  Who am I kidding. . . […]