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Oh man, write a devotion and choose a verse on words and SURPRISE, SURPRISE?!?!    I mean, come on…what was I thinking?!?!   I haven’t been as challenged with my words in so long as I have this past week.  And man, I think I could have done a LOT better!  Who am I kidding. . . I stunk it up!  Why are we even surprised when the enemy comes a knockin’?  We should be very familiar with his tactics by now.  But somehow he manages to creep in and throw us a curve ball.  The past several days I have had some bad crud that has been floating around.  I normally never get sick, but it managed to find its way to my door.  As a mother of three busy kids and a busy little home, there is no time for feeling bad for this momma.  So, as you can imagine things have been a little sticky around here!   

By the way, I must say though that I have the best husband.  In these situations he never knows if he should go right or left, smile or not smile, look up or look down.  (I am not the best sick patient)  He steps it up and does  his job and mine!  He’s awesome and I am so thankful for him. 

One night though, the baby was so upset.  As I held my breath and without any motion (I know you know what I am talking about!)  tip toed away from her bed.  I was done and I needed to rest.  Over the next hour and half she cried out, tossed and turned.  But, each time she started, I just started praying Nehemiah 8:10.  Remember, the last verse I hid in my heart!!  lol!  Okay, I am sure there were more appropriate ones, but this one was there.  I grabbed it.  And, I don’t know, but it worked! 

Point of the story…I am getting there…be patient.  (1 Thessalonians 5:14..uh, huh?!)  Hiding His Word WORKS!!!!  Imagine all the Scripture you could grab on to in time of need.  When all words are lost, and all prayers are null.  Grab on to His Word!  In that silly little moment, when all I needed was rest.  All I could think of was His Word.  And there I found peace and rest.  I LOVE IT!!!!  Thank you Lord!  Please continue to stir in me… 

See you on Wednesday with a new Word to HIDE in your hearts!!

So thankful for His Grace,

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