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John 1:1

Words, words, words…  I have been reading a lot lately about WORDS.  Since childhood and its little song, “sticks and stones… ” we are taught the emphasis on Words.  It is just recently that I have really began to focus on the importance of words.  How we use them, how we read them and how they are alive!  Yes, words are alive.  They are spoken into this world and right before our very eyes they begin to breath, take shape, create, change things.  These 26 letters that are magically shoved together make up our world. 

As a mother of three little angels, I am daily (by the minute) challenged with my words.  It is so easy (for me) to get upset with them and begin fussing, saying things I shouldn’t, using poor words.  These words are what make my children, these 26 letters that I choose and put together is what they potentially will become.    I am trying soooo hard to watch my words.  I want to speak Life into my children.  Fill them with the right words, with HIS Word.  Because what I am learning is really about The Word, The Word of God.  How it also is alive, creating, dwelling…  And how we choose to use it can change our world.  So, be mindful of your words and His Word.  They shape the world around us!

For some time now, I have been riding this scripture-memorization-train.  Encouraging others to join in with me.  As I have admitted to you before, I have only a handful of God’s Words hidden in my heart.  I am determined though, if I stick with it, that by hiding His Word in my heart I will be changed forever.  So many things we have no control over.  But, we have a choice of what we choose to plant inside our hearts and mind.

I have the honor and pleasure of leading The Women’s Ministry at my church.  Recently, we talked on this subject, about the power of words and His Words.  I am encouraging them over the next year to try and hide His Word in their hearts.  Start small, start with yourself.  Read the scriptures in the Bible and commit them to memory.  Like planting a seed in a garden…  you hide it down in the dirt, tend to it, taking care of it daily and before you know it… LIFE!  There is no doubt that if we make the effort to read and memorize passages from His Word that it will change us into something beautiful, alive and growing!

So, today, this cold Wednesday morning, I am rekindling a little fire.  If you haven’t begun to try and hide His Word in your hearts…START TODAY, hop on this train.  The verses I choose to share with you  are ones that God has laid upon my heart.   I would love for you guys to share your favorite verse with me.  Better yet, each week I give you one, give me one back!  I struggle to remember things, really I do.  (I could tell you a story or two about forgetting.  No, I never left my children anywhere, but…)  I am asking God to help me make this a very important priority. 

I am going to try posting  here at http://www.thewordwarriors.blogspot.com/ instead of sending out this entire devotion and scripture in an email.  Not sure how it works best for you, but please let me know!  I really want to include you on this journey.  If you are anything like me, I need a support system, a group of buddies to encourage me and hold me accountable.  I am hoping that is what we are doing here!  I will also be posting reasons and ways to learn and memorize scripture.  So, if you haven’t already, join me… it will be fun!

 Our scripture for this week, simple and perfect… John 1:1
1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1 (NIV)

Joy unspeakable and full of grace (awesome sign-off,  I borrowed from a friend of mine-Thanks!),

  1. Michael says:

    you and your family are awesome and an inspiration. we love you

  2. Susan Evans says:

    Bible memorization is so important. It is our only sword against the enemy, the only way to fight spiritual battles and overcome sin.

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