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Psalms 51:10

So, my sweet husband is on one of his kicks again. . .  In less than a week, he has detailed my car inside and out, cleaned my garage all the way down to washing the concrete floor, organized drawers overflowing with years of stuff… and his list is growing.  I am afraid if I stand in one spot too long he might grab me and throw me in the back of his truck.  So, if you get a call from Hannah Home… please answer – it’s me, I need a ride home!!  Ha! Ha!  He is serious!  But really, it was time, everything was so cluttered and packed full of things we never use anymore.  Some things were there that we really didn’t even need. . . just jumbling up things.  He has asked me to tackle certain cabinets.  I have walked by this particular one about 3 dozen times just waiting for it to clean itself.  But, it isn’t gonna happen.  It can’t clean itself.  There is just no way.  I am the only one who can go sift through all that mess and decide what is important and what is junk, what stays and what needs to be put in the trash can. 

You know, (you see where I am going with this don’t you. . .) our hearts are the very same way.  We can’t clean it our self.  We need God to go in there pull everything out, sift through all the years of accumulated junk and decide what needs to stay and what needs to be thrown out! 

My bathroom drawer has been so clean and organized for over a week now.  I completely intend to keep it this way.  Daily, I do a little scan over the contents. . .  making sure nothing unnecessary has been added.  If we are not careful, we will let it get back to the same way it was before. 

Every morning when I open that drawer, I get a little giddy!  So nice, just to see the good stuff, the right things that we will need to start our day. 

We can’t do it by our self, it just won’t get cleaned out.  We can sit there, walking by it, waiting. . .  But He is the only one who can open it up, decide what is important and  clean things up.  I want Him to really help me get organized, search me, get rid of the unnecessary, find a place for the important stuff that I really need. 

And then. . .  I am asking Him to help me keep it that way!

I don’t know if it is the burst of warm weather or just knowing that spring is waiting around the corner.  But, I know that it is time for a little cleaning.  So, if you haven’t already. . . quit walking by, it is not gonna clean itself!  Today, let God sift through  and decide what needs to stay and what needs to go!

“Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” Psalms 51:10 (NIV)

Enjoy the weather!!
Thanking Him for all His Grace,

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