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Hey Guys!
I have to say I love all of the seasons. They each in their own way are my absolute favorite. There is nothing better than Summer afternoons on the beach, and watching my kids pick tomatoes off of the vine. But then, you might catch me saying how Fall is my most favorite time of the year. I love how things seem to slow down and get a little lazy. Being outside around a campfire with Andy and my kids, looking for the first sign of change in the trees. Then, there is Winter, a time to rest and a time to be rejuvenated. Winter times seems to give me and my family the rest we so greatly need as well as the time together. Now Spring, well, it seems to get my juices flowing. Even before the last frost, I am wanting to put something in the ground. I love this time of year! It is a time of hope and new beginnings.

I sometimes think I was born a little past my time. I have always wanted to be a farm girl, to live off the land! My whole life I have been drawn to the country way of life. (Despite the fact I will not ride a horse and am SLOWLY overcoming the fear of my chickens attacking me!) I have to tell you there is nothing better than springtime on a farm. Signs of new life are all around you, from the animals to the ground, it is just amazing. You can’t see it but I know it is there. Over the past several years I have unearthed this passion for growing things. It is something my whole family can do together. To be able to put something in the ground, nurture it and watch it grow into something that can nourish you is a miracle. To see my children excited about taking a seed and having the faith that it will surely turn into carrot is a wonder to behold. It brings me more joy than I can ever explain. We take these seeds or a plant and we put it in the ground, just having faith by Summer it will be this juicy tomato we have hoped for. At first, we do not see the big tomato or the carrot, we just see a seed. But, we are sure of what we hope it will be. This is simple. This is faith. This is all we need. Having faith that everything is in His hands. He is in control and all you have to do is have faith. We may not be able to see how things are going to turn out, but that is okay. We have to be strong enough to give it to Him.
This brings me to a great verse I happened upon, I think you will enjoy it and I pray it will be one you can hide in your heart for Him.

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1(NIV)
I hope you guys have a wonderful week and I love you all very much! Thanks for continuing to hide His Word in your hearts!! Great things are coming from our little emails!!!! He still has His hands all over this!

Your sister in Christ,

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