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{Day 7, 8 & 9} Family Fun = The Unit


31 Days of Family Fun…

{DAY 7, 8 & 9}


  Andy and I packed up the kids and headed north again for a one-night-getaway… And, man did we have fun!  I’ll be sharing more about our little trip later in the week.  But something I thought I would touch on tonight to recap our weekend is really the essential to family fun, and that is the unit!  You can add all this fun and groovy stuff to the cupcake, but if the cake isn’t good… all the other stuff just don’t matter.  The core, the unit, well… it’s just essential to everything else.  And without preaching to you, if God isn’t in it, in the core and the center of your unit… it just isn’t going to work!  You don’t have to be the perfect family with the husband, wife and two kids… you may be the single mom or dad.  Whatever your situation is, Jesus has to be apart of it…

First, let me say that coming from a broken home, family unity has always been  extremely important to me.  Not that I was ever lacking, but most children of divorced parents kinda make a personal pack {when they grow up} to give their marriage their all…  I have to tell you that I have the best parents in the world.  Really I do!  {I am sure most of you would say the very same thing}  You know, as adults and most of us parents now, we have come to understand how life can work and at times be very tough.  Marriage can be really hard at times and raising children can be even tougher.  There is just no hope without God in the center!

Now, I have an even  greater respect for my parents…  Their love, their sacrifice, their devotion.  They gave me such a happy home filled with love and filled with Jesus.  There were ups and downs, but they instilled in me the desire to seek Christ and welcome Him into my home.

I have learned this…

My first priority… GOD

My second priority… my husband

My third priority… my children!

In putting God first, I am taking care of myself.  When Andy and I are working together, seeking Christ and growing spiritualy, the sky is the limit.  Of course, at times that is just easier said than done.  I can’t imagine where our marriage would be if Christ were not in the center.  I tell you , it is just a MUST!  He has to be there!

HE is the glue that keeps us together.  Our family is so important to us… and yeah, it’s about fun and good times, but it is also about a whole lot more.  In all the excursions, crafts, movie nights, kick ball games… make sure HE is always there.  HE will make all the difference!

The Unit = You + Your Family + GOD = Family Fun!

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