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{Day 10} Family Fun = Kick Ball


31 Days of Family Fun…

{DAY 10}


Okay, if it isn’t raining tomorrow… you should grab a ball and grab your kid and head outside!  There is nothing funner than a good old game of kickball!  Your kids will pass out just at the surprise of you initiating such a fun game.  Of course, you don’t have to have a whole team.  It is just as fun with two of you, but you got to know a little about “ghost runners”.  {of course, your kiddos might not quite grasp this}  But, go out and give it a try.  I am not quite sure when it started… I believe Will picked it up one day from school last year.  But,  we have had more fun playing as a family and just acting crazy with it!  The kids have just about roped everyone that stops by “for a sec”…  Next thing, we are all outside running, screaming, laughing, crying, running, cheering and trying not to pee on ourselves {wait. did I say that out loud}

You can grab a $3.00 ball at WalMart from the ball bin or pick you up a real kickball.  Either way, head outside for a game of kickball with your family!

be warned:  kickball + competitove sport. it’s all family fun and games and then it’s Katie-bar-the-door!

Family Fun = Kick BALL!!!!

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