Eleanor R.

cleaning house…

Since I started my little Word Warriors blog, I have created two other blogs as well.  One is basically to document the coming and goings of my little family and the other was something that was birthed from a lifelong friendship.  I have enjoyed sharing my heart on all three of these, but at a time it was a bit confusing…  
If you would have visited the Elrod household in the last week, you would have noticed something was going on…  Andy and I have been on a bit of a purging   spree.  Somehow we have managed to accumulate unimaginable piles of “stuff”.  Last year, I read through two different amazing books {Becoming The Woman I Want To Be and Becoming The Woman That GOD Wants Me To Be} and throughout both books the one big thing I took from these books was this nugget: Less of me, MORE of Him!  So, we are on a bit of a simplifying-things-spree!  De-cluttering!  Less of me and my junk so HE has the room HE needs to do what HE intends.  
Back to the blogs…  If you have noticed, I have done a little cleaning up here as well.  I have combined the two blogs, The Word Warriors and The Go {el}Rods into one blog.  It makes things so much easier for me.  Still fine tuning, but I am almost there.  Whether to post something here or there…  When really, both are me…  I can’t share one part with out including the other.  My family are very much involved in The Women’s Ministry that I have the honor of directing, my children are developing a heart for the broken and needy, and have seen  sacrifice through their Daddy and my family as I put my little life and my motherly duties on hold {and in their hands} to do the things God has laid upon my heart.  And then there is homeschooling which has completely become a part of every aspect of our lives.  So, if you have signed up to receive one or the other…  if you stay on board {which I truly hope you do} your gonna get both, a little bit of everything and all of me!  
We are Rooted…  has become such a great part of me as well.  A little tid-bit…  Joy and I have been discussing this topic “relevant” for some time now as well.  She and I want to take advantage of what He laid in our laps as well and use it to His glory.  Today, Joy ask me to commit to prayer with her for Six Weeks for direction for our blog.  I was so excited when she asked me I almost peed in my pants.  How awesome to have a friend that offers prayer for an answer!  HE is on our mind!  You may think blogs are silly…  but whatever God can use AIN’T silly!  See, I got this little bitty light and I’m gonna let it shine!  You should check it out!
I am praying for direction, I am praying for less of me and more of Him, I am praying that HE breaks my heart for that which breaks His, I am praying to be relevant, I am praying to be used, I am praying to be RADICAL, I am praying to make a difference for His kingdom, I am praying to be The Proverbial Woman…
I just want to encourage all of you to SEEK HIM like you never have before!  I am going to!  And if you stay tuned, I am gonna share it with you here and here and here !  {smile}  It’s gonna be great!
I am praying that throughout these little blogs you will be encouraged to let your little light shine!  

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