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clover for your chickens…




When I was a little girl…  my friends and I would play under this huge weeping willow at our elementary school, PG First Baptist Church School to be exact.  It’s swaying limbs seemed so magical as they danced with the wind.  And, under that tree a beautiful blanket of clover just for us girls.  We would sit there making beautiful crowns from the weeping willow limbs and laced them with the flowers from the clover…  they were beautiful and we were princesses in a magical place.  That tree is no longer there but holds many, many memories…  Not only did I spend much of my childhood playing under that tree, but I fell for a little blonde headed boy who later would take me back to that very same spot and ask me to be his wife!  {good stuff!}

We have been loving chickens for about 10 years now {thanks to my mom-n-law and her love for the little creatures too!} and over the years we have picked up some good tips!  And one of those little tid bits…  clover blossoms aren’t just for glorious, magical princess crowns!  Many people would be surprised to find out how many health and nutrition benefits this plant has.

Clover blossoms are great for your chickens!  In fact , they are considered to be the most nutritious weed in your yard!  Clover provides your chickens with iron, calcium, magnesium, Vitamins A, B-12 and E. It also acts as a blood purifier and antioxidant and helps with the respiratory system!  So, don’t fret on all the weeds in your yard!  Find some clover and let your chickens munch away!!  

And as for us humans…  Did you know that clover is in the pea family, and its blossom is actually a bunch of little pea-like blossoms, called ”wings and keels.”  Although edible, I might consider it more of a survival food than a weed treat!  Let me warn you here…  Although packed full of protein, beta carotene,  vitamin C, biotin, choline, inositol, and bioflavonoids and most of the B vitamins we tend to be allergic to the little clover ~ so go easy!  And, of course, read up a bit before you start chowing down! I don’t want to read about anyone in The Western Star killing over after foraging for clover!

Okay…  that’s my little tidbit for all you new-lovers-of-chickens-out-there!

Stay tuned…  More to come!  {cause you know, I am a professional…}



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