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Okay…   So, there is this AMAZING ministry called The WellHouse, it is rightfully named

A Place of Grace.


I have had the honor to be apart of this faith based ministry  from the beginning.  For me, it was a total God alignment…  The Wellhouse came into my life during a very trying, tough and desperate season.  Because of The WellHouse, because of this broken season…  verses like Romans 8:28 become very real to me, bringing His scriptures, His WORD to life.  This season was a catapult for my faith.  I wouldn’t trade a day!

So, The WellHouse…

it is a 24 hour shelter offering immediate housing for woman wanting to escape prostitution and human trafficking.  It truly is a Place of Grace.  It it the ONLY shelter in Alabama that helps woman who have been victim to sexual exploitation and human trafficking.  Women have been flown in to The WellHouse from all over the Southeast.  

I have had the honor to see, firsthand, lives changed from the outstretched hand of The WellHouse.  Humble servants emptying themselves to be used by our Lord for the broken.  I can say that it has been life changing for me and my family. 

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Today, there are a couple of ways you can get involved and help out The WellHouse…  The WellHouse just recently celebrated it’s 2nd birthday {woohooo}  and by that you know this is a fairly new organization.  Any and ALL help is appreciated and needed!  The WellHouse is a faith-based and Christ-centered NON-PROFIT organization.

Just by clicking a few buttons, you could really help this ministry out!  So, right now…  this very minute…  go to Ted’s {a local Birmingham dive wanting to support non-profits in the area} Facebook page and simply type in “The WellHouse”.  Right now, we are in the top two for receiving support from this great little restaurant.  

Next, you can click on this link here and watch the little video and help The WellHouse win a new Camry! A car would be awesome to help out in carrying the ladies to different appointments.  To have a new reliable car would be a peaceful assurance to those in charge of getting them to here and there safely.  

So, there you have it…  go here and here and help out The WellHouse!

much thanks,

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