Eleanor R.

he asked if it was true


It wasn’t too long ago…  Andy was out-of-town.  We were huddled in the bed.  It was late and I couldn’t sleep.  I clicked over on my laptop and found a Netflix movie I had not seen…  The Help.  

I began to watch.

They were so still I had no idea they were awake until I looked over and saw their little eyes absorbing such hate for the very first time.

Oh my word, I closed it quickly but they begged to watch.

I decided to let them watch, we needed a happy ending.

They were full of questions and confusion.

Really, I am glad I have shielded them from such hate.

Andy and I have shared a lot with them, telling them of a time they can’t believe existed.  But, I don’t really think they let it sink in…  I don’t think they believed it true.  I don’t think we really told the whole truth.  It was ugly.

It would break their innocence to know what hatred played out not many miles from their world of safety and love.  Our city played backdrop to some of the most historical moments in black history… moments of such horrible hate and eventually freedom.

Here we are again…  facing the chains…  the hatred… the enemy.   They need to know.  They need to understand, if I want them to stand to make a difference.  I pray it rocks something in their soul that cannot be ignored.  I pray they have a heart for Jesus and He gives them a heart for the broken for the chained.

This weekend has been intense for me.  I have found myself knee-deep in the ugly side of this world.  Being involved at The WellHouse isn’t pretty ministry.  It is real and it isn’t always happy.

I’ve been asked to talk to a group of teens at our church camp about human trafficking.  I am no means an expert.  God has placed some amazing people in my life that have opened my eyes and in turn changed my heart.  I don’t know why, but He is opening doors and with faith I am going to walk through them.  I am learning that I am nothing special, but I am willing.

Yesterday just in passing, my Will stopped and asked, “Did they really treat that black woman like that Momma?”  and with the heaviest heart I regretfully said, “I am afraid they did, buddy”…  

Oh my word…  it’s been months and this lingers in his heart.  THANK YOU Lord.  Thank you for moving deep within his soul.

I want to keep these ugly things from my kids.  I want to keep them innocent.

I want to raise real warriors, warriors that are in love with Jesus.  To know The Savior, you have to know the enemy.

As painful as it is to tell them about anything opposite of love…  I have just gotta tell them, I have got to share with them the world we live in, a world where satan rules.

Although the enemy claims these lands, Praise God there is one who has overcome this land, this world.   And if we allow HIM, if we are ready to move in obedience, He will transform our lives.  And, through HIS strength, His supernatural love we will not turn away.  We will  think of the woman, the child, the man who has been forced into slavery.  We Christ-followers HAVE to show our faith and with a crippling heavy heart, be His hands and feet. 

I cry out to Him… Oh Father, please break my heart for the very things that break yours…

He has.

Human trafficking is modern-day slavery.

With God’s help, with our obedience, we will make a difference.

broken and free,

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