Eleanor R.

when you don’t feel like being a warrior


Not long ago, I heard Him and felt in my spirit a yearning…  I knew He was calling me higher, He wanted more.

So many times I have felt inadequate for the job, for the calling.  How could I be the woman He wants me to be in a world of bickering siblings, unending laundry, mile high dishes, multiplication…   and well, just the mundane task of every day.

How could I be His hero, His Word Warrior when there are days driving 20 minutes on a Monday to share HIS love seems just too much of an effort…  when I can’t even remember two lines of His word…  and my tongue is sharper than any blade.

It’s so easy to lose focus, become distracted and to feel ill-equipped for the task, the calling.  How easily we fall into the enemies grips…

But, the gentlemen that He is…


He meets me there…  bent, broken, tired, on my knees folding the clothes and feeling very small.  Unimportant.  Overlooked.  It doesn’t seem very heroic to wash the same load three times…  But, there He is…   in the mundane of every day and HE peacefully whispers…

YOU are a warrior!  

You are called to be more and it is here that you fight the enemy with My word.  It is here, within these four walls, within this battlefield that you shine my light.

Folding, washing and cleaning up their mess…  it is here you show them, my love.  

It is here you show them how to love.

It is here they will learn “…the least of these…” and their hearts will be broken for the broken.

It is here you will learn to love the broken and yearn to be my light.  

It is truly here you are MY warrior!


Be radiant! 

He desires us to be more…  He has called us to be holy.  And I have learned that it is in the moments of the mundane task and confusion that He chooses to speak, to teach and show me greatness.  It is here within these four walls that I can rise up and be their hero and His warrior!

We have to remember that the enemy has no control over us…  only that which we give to him.  In Him and only through Him will we understand and grow spiritually.  And when we are broken and tired and there is laundry to be dried and put away…  in those moments…  the in-between of life…  He reminds us through His word…  we are called to be more.

Why do we do it… why seek Him in the everyday?  Because we not only desire for them to be saved from the depths of hell.  We long for them to walk with Him…  to seek His face…  to know Him intimately… to sit with Him on laundry room floors…  and to know that in Him all things are meant to be holy.

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” Isaiah 31:21

be radiant!

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May 7, 2013


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